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FREE estimates on sealcoating

No matter what size surface you're looking to weatherproof, Constantine Sealing Service has you covered.

1. Seals out water

Asphalt is a porous material, naturally water will penetrate the surface if it is not treated. In the cold winter month’s water will freeze and thaw causing various cracks, fractures or even alligator cracks which can be the most harmful. Living in New England we all see the constant weather changes and your driveway or parking lot takes a lot of abuse from elements.  Sealing your driveway, parking lot or sport court can protect and preserve it for years to come.


2. Cost Effective

Sealing your driveway or parking lot is the most cost effective way to save you money in the long run. If you choose not to maintain your property the asphalt will deteriorate at a much faster rate than a sealed and treated driveway would. Your property is one of your biggest investments and we would like to help you keep that value. Putting in a new driveway or parking can be one of the most expensive maintenance issues associated with your property, costing you thousands of dollars to replace.


3. Chemical Penetrations

Sealing your driveway or parking lot can keep out unwanted chemicals such as oil, gas, antifreeze, salt, carwash products and other common chemicals associated with your vehicle. Chemicals can cause eat away at the aggregate and breakdown the asphalt at an expedited rate


4. Curb Appeal

Your property is one of your greatest assets and it should look even better than we do on a Friday night. Let our professionals provide you with a smooth, neat, straight, clean, even sealcoat resurface. We take pride in the quality and precision of each job. We treat each job as if it were our own property.

Reasons to sealcoat your driveway or parking lot:

• Free estimates

• A Courtesy call, text and email the week of (all dependent on the weather)

• Professionally edged and cleaned driveway or lot

• Pre-treatment of any oil or gas stains

• Neatly applied sealcoat avoiding any walkways, stones, garages or the home itself

• Fast, easy, friendly, and dependable service

What to expect from us:


Residential and Commercial


What we need from you:

•Remove everything from your driveway, garage, lot (cars, garbage bins, flower pots basketball hoops etc)

•Turn off all lawn sprinklers

•Stay off of the surface for 48 hours to allow to properly dry.